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TuffSign Care

Cleaned Sign, Using common cleaning agents

Use ISO wipes for general care and cleaning

Marker and Spray Paint


Like most high-performance finishes, TuffSign powder coatings require periodic cleaning and maintenance after installation. Although TuffSign finishes possess exceptional resistance to corrosion, discoloration and wear, its natural beauty can be marred by harsh chemicals, rough conditions or neglect. Such conditions normally affect only the surface finish and do not reduce the service life of the finish. However, the marks resulting from such mistreatment may be permanent. For example, mortar, cement and other alkaline materials may attack coatings if allowed to remain fixed on finishes.


1. Non-aggressive environments: Clean and check every 12 months

2. Tropical Environments: Clean and check every 9 months

3. Chlorinated Swimming & Leisure Pools:  Every 6 months

4. Marine Environments: Clean and check every 3 months

5. Industrial Environments: Clean and check every 3 months

6. Aggressive/Hazardous Environments: Every month

Please download the complete cleaning and care instructions