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TuffSign Applications

Directional Signage

Directories and custom wayfinding signs are used in many places such as malls, office buildings, airports, professional offices, and city buildings. TuffSign gives you the ability to create full-colour, exterior signage that easily matches existing architectural and design elements.

Wayfinding Signage

Create full-colour graphic wayfinding signage with clear messaging that stands out. Wayfinding signage is a key form of communication for campus visitors. Perfect for demanding exterior applications where clear, visible directional or safety signage is a must. 

Exterior Signage & Cladding

Material may be mounted with a wide range of traditional techniques including post, flag and wall mount using screws, slat systems, adhesive and tapes. Can also be used for non-combustible outdoor cladding. These tough panels can be shear cut for smaller custom sizes without chipping and cracking.


Full-color exterior displays are an easy and convenient way to bring your marketing message front and center. TuffSign is perfect for any A-Frame easel or Point-of-Purchase application.

Parks and Recreation

Outdoor park and recreational signage. Providing colourful area maps or informational graphics. Ideal for Councils and National Parks, Indigenous signs  Acknowledgment Plaques, Botanic Gardens, local and seaside nature strips. Cultural & Heritage signs, Environmentally Significance signs.



Create a dynamic visual impact with our superior TuffSign aluminium panels. You now have the ability to provide high-definition, durable photos for exterior spaces. Display your professional photographs or artwork like never before. Use Tuffline hanging systems