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Outdoor Signs & Cladding

Outdoor Signs 

Outdoor signs come in a variety of materials, metal signs, composite aluminium panels or ACM boards, PVC panels and vinyl banners, the list goes on.  They are all strong, reliable weather-resistant, affordable and considered “good options”

But the best option is Tuffsign!
Non have the unique durability & high quality properties of TuffSign
Tuffsign, a metal exterior sublimatable aluminium

• Sublimated TuffSign is corrosion & weatherproof
5 Year outdoor warranty
• Strong light-weight, can be bent after sublimation
• Scratch & graffiti resistant characteristics
• Sublimated with full digital colour
• VOC free and TGIC free

There are varying kinds of effective outdoor signs that communicate statutory information, wayfinding information, safety signs, directional and branding signs. Museums, environmental agencies, schools and universities, councils,  heritage building and site, shopping centres, the Sydney harbour foreshore authority, and the BCA (Building Code of Australia) all use statutory outdoor signs.

Statutory signs

These refer to signs that are required to be displayed in commercial, retail and residential developments in accordance with the building code of Australia (BCA) including fire signs, electrical, evacuation and hazardous materials. These signs are displayed to ensure that your building complies with health and safety legislation, communicating legal risks, including fines and penalties, relevant signage for fire hydrants, safety doors, lifts and exits.


TuffSign Cladding  Non-combustible material

Tuffsign Cladding is an exciting way to remodel a building exterior with minimal time, expense, and effort. Printing technology can create generously sized 1200mm x 2400 mm panels in an array of designs. Whether a traditional look such as red brick walls or a more adventurous exterior such as texturized marble is desired, imagination is the only limiting factor for a new look. 

Tuffsign is impenetrable to external pollutants, TuffSign cladding will retain the vivid look of an ideal day, even under far from ideal conditions. Rain, dirt, and environmental pollution will not get into the printed interior of the sign where it can fade or mar the exterior’s appearance. Cleaning with commonly available products is all that is required to keep your building looking vibrant and attractive. 

Building Signs –  Facades, Awning & Fascia signs
The principal front of a shop or building facing onto a street or open space.

Tuffsign is ideal for building facades, awnings and fasciae on the high streets & shopping malls.  These prime streetscapes need to be prominent to drive-by and high pedestrian traffic. They provide retailers great visibility for your name and brand and offer the visitors a true sense of arrival.

These building signs often receive extreme environmental conditions and are prone to graffiti. Printed TuffSign is a bendable product that’s easy to install outdoors and makes the perfect shop front sign. Take comfort with a 5-year warranty, knowing your colours and branding will not fade and has good protection from vandalism.

Property owners will be very satisfied installing TuffSign for their building signs and cladding. These Non-combustible materials offer businesses a long-lasting strong outdoor sign. TuffSign is a smart choice! 

Outdoor Signs & Cladding can be seamlessly integrated into Tuffline Frames.

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