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TuffSign - Outdoor Signs & Cladding

Outdoor Signs & Cladding are Non-Combustible 

Outdoor Signs & Cladding is an exciting way to remodel a building exterior with minimal time, expense, and effort. Printing technology can create generously sized 1200mm x 2400 mm panels in an array of designs. Whether a traditional look such as red brick walls or a more adventurous exterior such as texturized marble is desired, imagination is the only limiting factor for a new look. 

Museums and environmental agencies alike will appreciate the versatility of cladding given to a space using a relatively small carbon footprint. Since it can be printed to specification, TuffSign can provide additional publicity to visiting artists. It can also be printed to match the sky and trees, providing an environmentally friendly option that blends with natural surroundings. 

Tuffsign is impenetrable to external pollutants, TuffSign cladding will retain the vivid look of an ideal day, even under far from ideal conditions. Rain, dirt, and environmental pollution will not get into the printed interior of the sign where it can fade or mar the exterior’s appearance. Cleaning with commonly available products is all that is required to keep your building looking vibrant and attractive. 

Property owners can feel proud of installing TuffSign outdoor signs & cladding. This Non-combustible materials keep tenants and visitors safer during unforeseen incidents. TuffSign is a smart choice! 

Outdoor  Sign & Cladding can be seamlessly integrated into Tuffline Frames.

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