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Park and Recreation Signs

Park and Recreation Signs

Park signs, school signs, recreation signs, heritage signs and council signs.

Tuffsign outdoor signs are used at sites from national parks to the neighbourhood swimming pools, school signs & heritage buildings to indigenous sites. TuffSign outdoor signs can provide valuable information, post safety rules and environmental guidelines to ensure visitors have a safe and enjoyable visit. Signs can also be used to showcase attractions and activities and outline historical details about significant sites. 

TuffSign is a 1.3mm sublimated aluminium panel, with unmatched durability in both interior and exterior applications. Fade-resistant – 5 years, stain-resistant, scratch and abrasion-resistant, anti-graffiti properties which can be cleaned with all-purpose cleaners sourced from your local hardware.

Outdoor signage can also be used to give insight to visitors, for example, indigenous interpretive signs can convey information regarding biodiversity and historical persons connected to a region. Public committees can also bring authenticity and additional meaning to the message on these signs by including works from aboriginal artists or other culturally significant figures.

For whichever purpose required, TuffSign recreational area signs need to withstand many environmental assaults. All TuffSign materials undergo certified accelerated weather testing to the ISO 11664-4 standard. This rigorous process ensures that signs meet a high standard for durability under any weather conditions. Whether they’re in the rain or out in the scorching sun, TuffSign materials remain beautiful and useful for several years.



Who uses outdoor signage?

Tuffsign is used in parks, for council signs in Sydney, heritage signs, foreshore signs.
The Sydney Olympic Park Authority SOPA has been very supportive of the history and heritage of the now-famous site with signs explaining many of the historical sites, colonial sites, geological sites and indigenous sites. Outdoor signs like Tuffsign have been used to explain and detail significant cultural developments of the site over the last 2 decades.

The Sydney foreshore authority is a statutory authority that managed some of New South Wales most significant foreshore assets, including Sydney’s heritage and cultural precincts at The Rocks and Darling Harbour and work with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to manage the surrounding coastal parks and waterways.

Park & Recreation signs can be seamlessly integrated into Tuffline Frame 

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