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Wayfinding & Directional Signs

Directional Signs

Whether you prefer a more formal or casual style, TuffSign directional signs can help customers find their way to a place of business and bring them back repeatedly. Bright white gloss, matte, and textured finishes each lend a distinctive style to settings. These finishes can also enhance the visibility of signs under different levels of glare and other lighting concerns.

Clear and coordinated signage for hospitals, art galleries, and cultural institutions give visitors the information they need while positively imprinting a business brand in their mind. 

Unfortunately, environmental pollution has become a significant problem. With TuffSign, signs resist the ravages of acid rain and other pollutants. Due to a high level of chemical resistance, signs made with this unrivalled material will last for many years regardless of pollutant exposure. 

Outdoor signs are for more than just institutions or municipalities. TuffSign products can help guests find churches, reception halls, and private homes for essential life events such as weddings, graduation parties, and baby showers. Once at the venue, signage can be used to share keepsakes such as photographs, stories, and well-wishes. 

Directional Signs can be seamlessly integrated into Tuffline Frames

Wayfinding Signs

How can wayfinding signs be used?

Wayfinding signs are used on cycleways and help cyclists remain safe while on the road or trail. Such wayfinding signs give cyclists critical route information and lifesaving alerts regarding dangerous riding conditions such as oncoming traffic or wildlife. 

City and municipal councils will appreciate the comfort wayfinding signs bring to visitors trying to navigate complex hospital campuses, puzzling office hallways and unfamiliar university campuses. Wayfinding signs, map layouts, transit routes, and neighbourhood highlights help visitors find their way and take advantage of local amenities. Such signs also make a place seem more welcoming, easier to navigate, and a better choice for future visits. 

Our Wayfinding signs come with a five-year outdoor warranty that is made to resist fading and preserve colour. TuffSign also performs under all weather conditions. Practically, these features translate into easily visible signs that provide the assistance visitors need for many years. 

Wayfinding signs can be seamlessly integrated into Tuffline Frames

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